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Campus Housing: Upcoming Construction and Redevelopment Projects

UC Berkeley is committed to increasing campus housing options that support students’ ability to thrive, succeed, and fully partake in all that the university has to offer. Developing more student housing is a campus priority.

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Student Housing Plans and Goals
Completed Housing Projects
Housing Projects In Development
Upcoming Housing Projects
Sites Identified for Future Housing Development

Student Housing Plans and Goals

Campus goals: Two years of housing availability for incoming freshmen, one year for transfers, and one year for graduate students.

In 2017, UC Berkeley established its housing goals which requires adding more than 8,800 new beds — essentially doubling existing campus housing. While there is more work to be done, the university is making substantial progress towards its goals.​​

Completed Housing Projects

Since 2018, UC Berkeley has added nearly 900 beds in two new housing developments that are now open for student residents.

Blackwell Hall

Blackwell HallBlackwell Hall is a large eight-story building, located one block from campus.

New housing: 775 beds
| 2401 Durant Ave, Berkeley

Details: Completed in August 2018, Blackwell Hall is an undergraduate residence hall consisting mostly of double rooms in a modern building that includes amenities such as patios, study rooms, bike racks, exercise machines, and views of the Golden Gate.

Intersection Apartments

Intersection ApartmentsThe Intersection Apartments located in Emeryville.

New housing: 105 apartment units
| 3800 San Pablo Ave, Emeryville

Details: Completed in 2021, Intersection Apartments is an independent-living option for single graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with direct AC bus line access to campus. The apartments are light-filled, airy and modern, with oversized windows in the heart of bustling, vibrant Emeryville.

Housing Projects In Development

UC Berkeley currently has several housing expansion projects that are in development and will soon begin construction. These projects will add more than 2,600 new beds in the coming years.

Helen Diller Anchor House

Anchor House

A rendering of Anchor House, as seen from the corner of Oxford Street and University Avenue.

New housing: 772 beds
| corner of Oxford Street and University Avenue, Berkeley

Details: Anchor House will be the first campus housing complex dedicated to undergraduate transfer students. Offering 772 single-occupancy bedrooms in 244 apartments, Anchor House is a transformative project that will help transfer students to thrive academically, socially, and culturally. The building also creates vitally needed facilities for commuter students and opens new public spaces for the campus and community. Anticipated opening: Fall semester 2024.

xučyun ruwway Graduate Student Apartments

Albany Village

A rendering of the xučyun ruwway Graduate Student Apartments, as seen from the corner of Jackson and Monroe Streets.

New housing: 761 beds
| corner of Monroe and Jackson Streets, Albany

Details: xučyun ruwway Graduate Student Apartments will provide fully-furnished apartments with single-occupancy bedrooms for single UC Berkeley graduate students without dependants. Conveniently located on a direct AC Transit bus line to campus, the complex will also include shared indoor and outdoor common spaces, such as lounges, courtyards, and lawns, enabling residents to build community. The complex will triple the existing supply of university-owned housing for single graduate students. Anticipated opening: Fall semester 2024.

People’s Park Housing

People's Park Housing

A rendering of the student housing that will be built in People’s Park with a view from the corner of Bowditch Street and Dwight Way.

New housing: 1,113 beds
| corner of Haste and Bowditch Streets, Berkeley

Details: People’s Park Housing project will build below-market rate apartments for more than 1,100 continuing undergraduates (second-, third-, and fourth-year students). Located a few blocks from campus, apartments will include a fully equipped kitchen and, consistent with our goal to design new student housing with a higher level of accessibility, every unit will be accessible. The project was developed over the course of more than five years of extensive planning, public engagement, and rigorous environmental review. Plans for People’s Park incorporate four fundamental objectives: urgently needed student housing; in a separate building, approx. 100 units of permanent supportive housing; revitalized open space (more than 60% of the site); and a commemoration of the park’s past and historical significance.

Upcoming Housing Projects

In 2023, UC Berkeley has three additional housing developments that are in various stages of the planning process. Additional information about these projects will be available as they are designed and subsequently approved for construction in the coming years.

2200 Bancroft Way

New housing: approx. 1,200 beds* | 2200 Bancroft Way, Berkeley
Details: Currently a small office building and a parking lot.

2302 Channing Way

New housing: approx. 1,500 beds* | 2302 Channing Way, Berkeley
Details: Currently tennis courts and a parking lot.

Upper Hearst

New housing: approx. 150 apartment units* | corner of Hearst and La Loma Avenues, Berkeley
Details: Currently a parking lot.

* Actual bed counts for these projects are not yet determined.

Sites Identified for Future Housing Development

UC Berkeley has identified several additional campus properties for new housing. These sites will subsequently be developed as they first require relocation of existing programs, are redevelopments of existing housing to increase capacity, or are sites in which development is restricted by legal covenants.

2000 Carlton Street

New housing: estimated 400 beds | 2000 Carleton St, Berkeley
Details: Requires relocation of existing Facilities Services uses.

Beverly Cleary

New housing: estimated 300 beds | Beverly Cleary Hall, Channing Way, Berkeley
Details: Redevelopment of existing housing to increase capacity.**

Clark Kerr Campus

New housing: To be determined | 2601 Warring Street, Berkeley
Details: New housing development at Clark Kerr Campus is restricted until after 2032 by legal covenants.**

Foothill North

New housing: estimated 70 beds | 2700 Hearst Avenue, Berkeley
Details: Redevelopment of existing housing in Foothill (Unit 4) residence hall to increase capacity.**

Oxford Tract

New housing: estimated 2,000 beds | Oxford Tract, Berkeley
Details: Requires relocation of existing Rausser College programs.

Unit 3

New housing: estimated 600 beds | 2400 Durant Avenue, Berkeley
Details: Redevelopment of existing housing in Unit 3 residence hall to increase capacity.**

**Planned redevelopment projects for existing residence halls and apartments will not impact the availability of housing space currently offered to students.

For questions about living in recently completed new housing developments, please email For questions about housing projects currently in construction and planning, please email