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How to Apply for Family Student Housing

1. Complete the online application and submit a credit card payment for the $40 nonrefundable application fee.

2. Submit a copy of all applicable documents:

  • your marriage certificate, if you are claiming marital status

  • your state Domestic Partner certificate, if you are claiming domestic partnership

  • each child’s birth certificate or adoption papers, if you are claiming parenthood

  • proof of custody if you are claiming single-parent status or an affidavit

  • doctor’s verification of pregnancy with a due date, if you are claiming an expected child

3. Couples in a committed relationship must provide one of the following documents:

  • marriage certificate

  • domestic partnership certificate

Note: Due to changes in documentation requirements for family housing, the following type of documentation is no longer accepted: A child’s birth certificate naming the partners as parents.
Note: all documents must be accompanied by a certified English translation if the original is in a foreign language.

4. Submit a copy of your current student photo id card or a copy of your acceptance letter to the University.

If these documents are not readily available, you may begin the application and then send the other documents as soon as they are available. If your application is incomplete, you will be placed on an inactive waiting list. You will be offered an apartment only after all of the necessary documents are received.

5. Postdoctoral Fellows:

Must submit a copy of your appointment letter from your UCB department, indicating your start and end date.

Due to high student demand during the beginning of semesters, i.e. May to September for Fall, and December to January for Spring, Postdoctoral Fellows will not be accommodated during these critical periods. Postdoctoral Fellows are further advised to find alternative housing for the short term.

*Please note that your application will be automatically canceled if the want date you indicated has expired by 3 months.

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