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Current Student

All current (continuing) UC Berkeley students have the option to live in on-campus housing during the summer! There are many benefits of living on-campus during the summer: set term contracts (reside in and pay for your specific session dates), no hidden costs (utilities included), and the convenience of living a few minutes from campus! Continuing students also have the added bonus of receiving a discounted rate during the summer. Don’t miss out — apply February 1st, 2023.

COVID-19 Policies: If you live in campus housing during the summer, you will be required to adhere to public health policies designed to reduce transmission of COVID-19. 

Occupancy Dates

Summer Session Move-In Move-Out
Session A Sun 5/21 10AM Sat 7/01 10AM
Session AD Sun 5/21 10AM Fri 8/11 10PM
Session B Sun 6/04 10AM Fri 8/11 10PM
Session C Sun 6/18 10AM Fri 8/11 10PM
Session D Sun 7/02 10AM Fri 8/11 10PM

Existing Student Rates

Summer Session Double RH Double Premium Double APT* Single APT*
Session A $2,805 $2,675 $3,000
Session AD $5,710 $5,570 $6,110
Session B $4,765 $4,660 $5,095
Session C $4,505 $3,760 $4,015
Session D $2,805 $3,475 $2,680 $3,000

*rate does not include meal plan

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